Monday, 29 November 2010

Geoff Clowes: Artist & Musician

In Memoriam

Geoff Clowes illustrator, storyboard artist and musician passed away three years ago this week aged 49.

Deciding the life of a Staffordshire coal miner wasn't for him Geoff studied at Newcastle-under-Lyme College before obtaining a degree in fine art at Harrow. 
During a career that took him  to London and Paris  he worked for Disney, Gerry Anderson and Francis Ford Copolla. Later he became involved in the computer game industry contributing to several notable  PlayStation titles.

In an obituary  Grainger Reece (himself since sadly departed) wrote that Geoff never dipped his toes in the water he jumped straight in. All those who knew and miss him will understand this sentiment. Rest in Peace.

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